A/B Testing

ABTest is a good friend to help us measure demand and benefit.

A/B Testing

What is A/B testing?

AB testing is to make two (A/B) or more (A/B/n) versions for a Web or App interface or process, and at the same time dimension, let the same (similar) visitor groups (target groups) ) randomly access these versions, collect user experience data and business data of each group, and finally analyze and evaluate the best version, which is officially adopted.

What is the role of A/B testing?

A/B testing is a good way to avoid the problem of changes in the attributes of visitor samples due to different times. It allows two versions to face visitor groups with the same or similar attributes. Based on this situation, the data obtained can only be compared. Therefore, the analysis results will be more accurate and reliable. A/B testing has had a profound impact in several fields, including medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, and advertising. In software development, A/B testing experiments provide a valuable way to evaluate the impact of new features on customer behavior.