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Data Visualization

Make your data stand out with these visualization services.

Data Visualization

What is data visualization?

Data visualization is a general term encompassing different techniques, tools, methods, and services that can generate visual representations of data. These visual representations help demonstrate important trends in the data through the use of graphs and charts. They make your data analysis results clearer and easier to understand by less data-savvy readers. Data visualization can be a one-time project or an ongoing one. You can create auto-refreshing reports for instant access to your data.

What are some examples of data visualization?

With data visualization, you can create comparisons and show the relationship between two or more trends. You can draw attention to patterns in your data, for example, the repetition of certain user activities on your website. You can show how these patterns and relationships develop over time. Data visualization can also generate diagrams to illustrate more complex concepts such as processes and hierarchies. These can help you capture important developments in your data. Last but not least, you can use data visualizations to describe geographic data and show the distribution of patterns and numbers by region.