Logo Design

The cultural value connotation that LOGO conveys to customers.

Logo Design

What does Logo Design do?

Logo design refers to the behavior of designing and condensing the image of products, enterprises, websites, etc. for their own themes or activities, which plays the role of identifying and promoting the company. Through the image of the logo, consumers can remember the company's main body and Brand Culture.

What is included in the logo design package?

A logo designer should provide your logo with a variety of file types, including JPEG, PNG, vector, Photoshop, PDF, and EPS files, allowing use in online and print production on a variety of dark or light backgrounds. And a brand identity description that provides a description of how the logo should and should not be used.

How should I work with a logo designer?

You can propose to the designer about the idea that the logo needs to convey, the color or form you like (eg: text design/graphic design), the description of the business that will use the logo, and further communication with the logo sample provided by the designer. Designers will offer pricing options that fit your budget to work with.