Game Development

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Game Development

What is game development?

Game development is the creation of games by individuals or teams of programmers. The components of game development include designing, building, testing and publishing games.

What is the best software for game development?

When developing a game, there is a wide variety of software to choose from. Which one is best for you and your project will depend on the overall cost, the learning curve, the quality of the final game product, and whether it supports game development for your preferred platform. For those on a smaller budget looking to develop games for mobile devices, Construct 2 offers affordability, ease of use, and good graphics. GameSalad is a great option for those interested in developing games with little to no programming experience, as it is very affordable and offers a drag-and-drop interface. For developers who are good at learning to code, Unity offers a powerful product where coding is necessary but the results can be excellent.