General Translation

Reach a larger audience with content translation in multiple languages.

General Translation

How important is it to hire a professional translator?

If your business targets customers who speak other languages, you must find a quality professional translation service to work with. Hiring a professional translator is the only way to ensure that someone reading your business message in one language understands the emotion and intent you want to convey. Avoid the temptation to use only online translation tools. That's because, when you're only translating words, you can lose meaning, which is especially important for marketing or promotional materials.

Machine Translation vs Human Translation. What is the best?

While online translation can help translate basic, common words and phrases, human-certified translations are far better. That's because machines are inferior to humans at determining the author's intent. This means they won't always choose the appropriate translation for a particular word, phrase or sentence. If online translation is used alone, the overall translation quality will not be very good. A good middle ground is to have machine translations reviewed by human-certified translators.

How can I trust that the translation is accurate and culturally relevant?

The best way to get accurate, culturally relevant translations is to hire a professional translator whose native language is the language you want to translate. This expertise will help translators accurately convey any nuances or special meanings in the original text by using appropriate words and phrases in the final document. If you're not sure, consider having another native speaker proofread the translation to make sure it fits your needs.