Medical Translation

With more than 244 million international migrants living around the world, there is a growing need for services to translate medical records.
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Medical Translation

What is medical translation?

Medical translation refers to the translation of technical documents, regulatory documents, clinical documents or marketing documents, software or training materials related to drugs, medical equipment or medical treatment. Most countries in the world require labels and instructions for medical equipment or drugs to be translated into the language of the country. In addition, when conducting clinical trials, relevant documents also need to be translated so that local doctors, patients and competent authorities can read the relevant content.

Why are medical translation services important?

From prescribing prescriptions to experiencing life-threatening emergencies, people around the world always need medical care in their native language. The need for health care cuts across languages and borders, and it is vital that people receive the best possible care, no matter where they live or what language they speak. Medical translation is a key part of achieving this by facilitating communication in the healthcare industry. Because a mistranslated word can have serious consequences, medical companies should work with a medical translation service when deciding to translate their product or service.