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What is speech writing?

Before you understand what speech writing is, you need to know what speech is. A speech is an oral speech, usually given on a special occasion, such as a national event. Speech writing is the art of writing this communication. Speech writers are excellent communicators and have a good grasp of language. They are well versed in spelling, grammar, persuasion and rhetorical skills. This helps them create speeches that impact their audience and get them to take action.

What are the main types of speeches?

There are four main types of speeches. Informative presentations provide information, for example, about the launch of a new product or service. Demonstrative speeches help people learn something, almost like a spoken version of an article. Persuasive speeches try to change people's minds about an issue or get them interested in taking action. When nonprofits talk about their causes, these are often persuasive speeches. Funny speeches make the audience laugh, like some speeches at a wedding.